Unable to Sign into the Hotmail

Unable to Sign into the Hotmail – How to Fix It?

Hotmail is the most widely used email client providing the fastest email communication across the world. In spite of its advanced features and functionality, there are some errors that encounter at times when using the Hotmail account. Sometimes, when you try to sign into the Hotmail account, you might face issues as the login page doesn’t display or load at all. In such worst situations, you should call on the Hotmail customer care number for instant solution. Or, you can also try the following solutions to solve the login problems with Hotmail email service.

Fix 1 – Website Display Glitches

Although there is not sign for the errors when your Hotmail sign-in page doesn’t appear, a blank white page is shown on your web browser along with the page loading status displayed as the ‘Done’ in the web browser screen. There are some potential reasons for this error, and relying on the cause you may face the issue again if you try to reload the Hotmail page.

Fix 2 – Connection Problems

Occasionally, Hotmail connection problems can encounter with the connection of your PC to the web or on the server side while trying to access the Hotmail server. If your mail server is encountering the issue, you will be able to access the Hotmail if you try to connect again after some time. If the problem still occurs, you may require resetting the Internet device, restart your computer or contact the ISP for solving connection issues.

Fix 3 – Web Browser Issues

Your web browser problems can be the reason of the Hotmail login page to display blank as well. It can happen when you use the web browser that doesn’t have the Flash player or JavaScript installed. You also face problems while using the unsupported or out-of-date browser. At this time, you can solve the problems by turning on the JavaScript or setting an exception in your add-ons which is blocking the JavaScript, updating your web browser and installing the Flash player. Otherwise, you can also use the alternate web browser, if possible.

Fix 4 – Other Considerations

Hotmail connection issues can also be the reason of frequent interference or further issues that create the web page data to be corrupted or lost. Sometimes, an out-of-date version of the website may try to loading from your web browser cache rather than the current edition, and other out-of-date data may create issues with the rendering of new information. To solve the Hotmail display problems, press and hold the ‘Ctrl’ key, and then press the ‘F5’ key to refresh and download the page data again. You can also clear the browser history and data cache before trying to access the Hotmail account again.

If everything else fails and your Hotmail login page doesn’t appear and you’re unable to access your account, it’s highly suggested to call the professionals by dialing the Hotmail customer service number for further assistance and immediate solutions.


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