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How to Resolve the Hotmail Password Recovery Problems

When trying to reset your Hotmail account password, you might face problems if you’re unable to enter the right answer to the security question. If you’re not able to avoid the security options for password resetting process, it can be problematic for you. However, there are a few of options you can try to reset the account if you forget the password. Also, you can consult the professionals at the Hotmail phone number and get the step-by-step directions to reset the password.

Password Recovery

If you have forgotten the password, Hotmail provides the option to reset it. By successfully walking through the reset process, you can create a new password and get your account back instantly. The security questions you need to avoid are in place to provide the account security. Even if you have access the Hotmail account, you can change the password without signing into the account, if you doubted that someone has access to it.

Mobile Phone

If you have used your mobile phone number during the Hotmail registration, then you can request to get the reset cord through text message. You can then enter the reset code in the password resetting form to get access to your account. Once you provide the code, you will be asked to select another password for your Hotmail account. If you have changed your registered mobile number, you can’t follow this guide for password recovery.

Security Question

During the Hotmail account registration process, you were asked to choose the security question. If you’re unable to reset the password using other ways, you can answer to those security question and recover your password. Once the question is shown, you can respond to the question for a limited number of times; otherwise, you will be blocked for 24 hours. If you forget the answer, now a small number of options are left to recover the password.

Contact Customer Support

As a last option, if you’re still unable to reset the password of your Hotmail account, you can consult with the customer support. To get access to your Hotmail account back, you need to give as many details as possible about the account and the methods you have followed to regain the password. In such a situation, you can call on the Hotmail customer service support number to recover your account password within the shortest time.


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