6 Quick Steps to Sign up the Comcast Email Account

Comcast is the renowned and largest Internet service provider and cable television provider in the USA. In addition to the Internet provider, it’s also famous for providing the email services to its users. Signing up the Comcast email makes it easy for a user to use the services of a well-known provider that can offer fast and reliable mail servers. If you’re getting any difficulties during the sign-up process, it’s possible to get the immediate solution through Comcast customer service number. Otherwise, you can also continue with the following steps to sign up your Comcast email account.

Step 1 – Navigate to the Comcast’s official website on your browser to access all of the Comcast services and products.

Step 2 – Check you’re currently present in an area where you can access the Comcast Internet services. Search for a text field prompting for the zip code and street address. Give your address information to Comcast through the box. You will be sent to the services page, including the Comcast email service is also available to you.

Step 3 – Make a new account through Comcast. You will require selecting the suitable service plan and configure your favorite payment system.

Step 4 – Give a different username and password to your new email account. Use a combined set of numbers and letters to create a secure and easy to memorize the password.

Step 5 – Navigate to the top of Comcast page and click the ‘Email’ link. Log into the email account by entering the username and password you generated for your Comcast account in the correct text fields.

Step 6 – Make an added email account by going to the Comcast website and clicking the link labeled as ‘My Account’ at the top of the page. Search for the option to generate a new email account, Comcast allows you to create more than six accounts, and you can provide a different username and the password to every email account.

However, if you’re facing any difficulties in signing up a new email account with Comcast email services or you’re unable to send/receive emails and manage the multiple email accounts at the same time, it’s advised to seek the expert assistance. You can call at the Comcast email customer service number to instantly consult the customer support professionals and get the step-by-step direction to sign up the Comcast email account.


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