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Hotmail Won’t Load – How to Fix It?

Hotmail is one such Web-based email service that can be accessed from anywhere if you have a reliable Internet connection and the working web browser. However, if your Hotmail website is not loading correctly and you’re unable to access the web-mail account, contact at the Hotmail support number to resolve the website loading problems within the shortest time. Otherwise, you can perform the below-given troubleshooting solutions to detect and fix the problem.

Step 1 – Make sure that you’re using the accurate login details like username and the password to sign into your Hotmail email account. If these credentials are wrong, Hotmail will not load correctly. If you forget the password, then click the link labeled as the ‘Can’t Access Your Account’ on the Hotmail web portal to reset the password.

Step 2 – If you have entered the correct login details and still can’t access the Hotmail site, restart your Internet browser. Sometimes, bugs and other technical issues in your browser and system can cause difficulties when accessing the Internet. You can get rid of these problems by restarting your browser. Once you restart it, you can try to sign into the Hotmail account again.

Step 3 – Navigate to a website instead of the Hotmail to make sure that the Internet connection is active and running appropriately. If you can’t access the site, exit the browser and restart both your computer and the modem. If required, you should also check the cables connected to your computer and the modem to make sure if they come loose.

Step 4 – If the Hotmail website is still not loading correctly, then clear the cache and cookies in your browser. If you’re using the IE web browser, you can remove the browsing history by clicking the ‘Tools’ icon, selecting the ‘Safety’ tab, followed by the ‘Delete Browsing History’ option. Select the check boxes next to the ‘Cookies’ and the ‘Temporary Internet Files.’ Click on the ‘Delete’ button to clear the browsing history.

Step 5 – Make sure that your Hotmail website is functioning correctly. You can use the third-party services to check whether your site is working or down. If your Hotmail website is completely down, it’s recommended to wait for it to fix the issue and try to load it again.

However, if the Hotmail website still doesn’t load and you’re unable to find out the cause of the problems using the troubleshooting steps as outlined above, seek for the further solutions. You can call on the Hotmail customer service number and talk to the professionals to resolve the Hotmail loading and login issues in a hassle-free manner.


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