Reset the Hotmail Password

Can’t Reset the Hotmail Password – How to Fix It?

You might get difficulties in accessing your email account if you forgot the password, or someone hacked the account and changed the password. If you’re using the MSN Hotmail service and getting the same problems, you can take the necessary steps to regain access to your email account even if someone changed your account information. To do that, you will require changing the current reset settings to modify the password and get your Hotmail account under control. For the additional help, you can call the professionals by dialing the Hotmail phone number.

Deleting Current Reset Information

If you’re using the Hotmail service, you have four options to reset the password information. You can select from including mobile phone numbers, other email addresses, validation questions or the trusted computer. If any of the options shows the ‘Confirm’ message, it means that the information hasn’t been established yet. If it’s unconfirmed, you select to delete all information currently related to the account. After passing an unspecified waiting period, you can then try to create substantial new reset information for all of these four methods.

Changing the Reset Options

When you see the reset options, you may find that some of the options have been set, and you don’t need to remove them. In such a situation, you can add more information to them. When you log in to Hotmail account, you also do for the Windows Live account. It is less than fourteen days older, the changed information you input is confirmed automatically. As long as you get the new data auto-confirmed, you will be able to use the new reset information to access your account.

Safeguarding Your Hotmail Account

After successfully resetting the Hotmail password, you require taking steps to protect your Hotmail account from unauthorized access again. It is beneficial to preventing your account hacking or stealing of the account information. If you want to get the correct directions to configure the reset options, you can check the Hotmail password securing information.

Other Considerations

The longer you will remain the same Hotmail address, the more possibility is that some of the reset information will be changed. In such a situation, you can remove all the information associated with the password. After selecting this option, the reset information is flagged for the deletion. Once you have removed it, you can add and set new password reset information for using the future.

However, if none of these steps helped to reset the Hotmail account password or solve the password resetting problems, you must look for the additional solutions. You can call on the Hotmail support number and speak with the experts to get immediate guidance in order to reset the password. They will also assist you to fix the other problems relating the Hotmail.


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