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6 Easy Steps to Speed up Dial-Up Service with Juno

Have you ever wanted to use a free dial-up service speedily, but found out that it’s so slow and can’t stay for a long time? Well, Juno dial-up internet service is still the best option for the location in which no DSL or cable connections are available. In addition, it usually charges less than broadband and might be used anywhere there is the landline phone jack to get connected to the PC. For accessing its dial-up Internet service, Juno offers numerous tiers ranging from a restricted free service with a speed up service.

If you are using the low –tier services and want to speed up the service, the following guide will let you know how to the upgrade to the top level.

Check the below steps:

  1. Check that you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer on your system. If not, then download IE from the Microsoft’s website and install it because Juno Turbo is only designed to run with IE 5.01 or it’s higher.
  2. If you are not already a user, sign up for Juno Internet service. To do this, either sign up on Juno’s web site or call on the Juno customer support number to know the stepwise process of login from the professionals.
  3. Choose the top-tier accelerated dial-up service with Juno while upgrading or signing up. Check that you have selected the ‘Juno Turbo’. Now, create a username and password and enter the payment information.
  4. Click on the ‘Download Now’ button that displays during the sign-up process. Save it on your system. Click on the JunoTurboSetup.exe icon twice to run the installation process. Proceed to the wizard instructions to complete the installation process accurately.
  5. Click on the Juno icon twice on your desktop to access the Internet. Launch your IE browser to visit the web.
  6. Subsequently, cancel the Internet service of your old ISP (Internet Service Provider) to avoid paying for the Internet connection twice.

Now, you can search anything over the web using the high-speed Juno Dial-up service. However, if you face any kinds of technical failure or any problems during accessing it, getting help with the Juno Dial Up Numbers is an additional enhancement in its services you can avail when you need any help of the professionals to resolve the technical glitches in an efficient manner.

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