Troubleshooting Cisco Router Not Working Problems

Troubleshooting Cisco Router Not Working Problems

The router has been playing the role as a backbone for the internet in contemporary times. To fulfill this role, Cisco Router name dignity in the list of supporting to the many telecommunications. But sometimes Cisco router problems create an obstacle between running it efficiently. You may require the Cisco router support for fixing the unexpected hindrances instantly, but here we’ve listed a few methods which may help to configure it entirely before choosing the Cisco router support.

The users may require for Cisco router troubleshooting if they are dealing with the issues due to several unknown reasons. So, the users are advised to follow the below methods if their Cisco router not working:

  1. At initial, the users have to connect the computer directly to the cable or DSL modem.
  2. The user has to enter the username and password when they see the login screen for the internet service.
  3. And now the user should unplug the router or the DSL modem.
  4. Now the users are required to plug the modem with the Cisco router’s “WAN” port.
  5. And then, connect your computer to one of the numbered ports in the Cisco router.
  6. And now, turn on the modem and then wait for at least ten seconds.
  7. Then click the option of “Plug-In” and restart the computer system.
  8. Now click the button of “Start” and then move to the “Control Panel.”
  9. Look the “Network Connections.”
  10. At there, the users need to click the “Local Area Connection.”
  11. After that, select the option of “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).”
  12. After, select the “Obtain DNS Server Addresses Automatically” and then click on “Obtain an IP Address Automatically.”
  13. And eventually, your Cisco router has been set up correctly overall.

Well, if the above-mentioned methods have termed as Cisco router troubleshooting, then you need to take the support of Cisco customer service. Here are the following reasons that why you’ll need the guidance of their customer service team when your Cisco router not working:

  1. Get instant solutions for the bugs.
  2. Get entire assisted with the Cisco certified engineers.
  3. Within hours, get complete support without any hesitations or difficulties.
  4. Can easily solve the Password setup problem.
  5. Solve easily also the network connectivity problems.
  6. Get instant solutions at the very affordable costs.
  7. There will be also the use of Remote access technique for solving the bugs.

How to use Cisco router diagnostic commands:-

For the monitoring and troubleshooting of the internetwork, Cisco routers gives you several integrated commands. Here are we going to discuss the basic use of the following commands:

  1. The “Show” commands will help the behavior of the monitor installation, and normal network to ignore and finished the areas of problems.
  2. The command of “Debug” will assist you to discard of the issues of protocol and configuration.
  3. The “Ping” command help to make the better connectivity between the devices on your network.
  4. The “Trace” command provides the factor of determining the route by which packets reach their destination from one device to another.

Are you still hesitate or worried? Or if these methods are still not bringing the ways of Cisco router troubleshooting, then you are required to take the support of Cisco router help team. For all this, you need to give a ring through availing their official phone numbers by visiting at Contactforhelp: which is the user most demanded online directory.


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