The Symptoms of a Canon Laser Printer Drum Runs Out

Some of the Canon’s laser printers provide multiple functions, including printing, copying, scanning and faxing, etc. In addition to the Canon printer you can find is the fastest speed of components, as they start working as soon as once you turned your printing machine on, such as the drum. Laser printers use photosensitive drums as a part of their printing procedure. A drum is a tool that transforms digital data from your system and generates an imprint onto the paper. It doesn’t last ever, even though the lifespan differs relying on the printer model and the amount you utilize.

Over time, chemicals of the drum can lose their efficiency and can damage the drum’s surface. If you see that the drum is going bad, you can replace it by using a new one. However, if you want to clean the drum, then you can get the help of technicians by calling at the Canon Printer customer support number. Checks the instructions to know what causes a printer drum runs out.

Canon Laser Printer

Lines on Prints
If you find white lines via the text or images on the printed pages that can be vertical or horizontal, localized, or across the complete page. It’s possible the lines will show in the same place on every page. The drum’s surface fails with usage and lines display in the drum’s weak areas, continuing it from moving toner correctly.

White Spots
Also, the drum of your Canon laser printer may remain blank white spots on the pages. Many drums wear out unequally, sourcing random places at times on your pages that may be round or different shaped or sizes on every page.

Toner Splotches
While your printer’s drum starts to go wrong, it may not be able to hold the ink correctly. The excess ink will drop off the drum onto the pages, marking specks of toner at first. The toner’s amount left of your pages enhances as the drum remains to wear out, until your text documents may be covered up completely.

Faded or Blurred Images
If your printouts seem blurry, it may be a sign of your drum is going to fail. The edges of graphics and letters may display undefined or shadowed. Text may also show muddy at the bottom. However, if the images and words show compressed, it may be the drive assembly of the drum isn’t rotating properly rather than an issue with the drum itself.

Additional Tips
So, before going to replace your printer’s drum, you should first find out the causes of the drum damage. In such a situation, you can contact Canon printer technicians and consult about the issue of your printer to get the quick resolution.


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