How To Install A Wireless Canon Printer Using Easy Steps?

Canon printers are designed into two major classifications as WiFi and Bluetooth. The installation process of both the printers is very simple, but as an amateur user, you need to know which type of installation process you will be performing before you start. The Canon WiFi printer connects directly to any existing wireless network. Whereas, the Bluetooth wireless printers generally connect with just 1 PC. As a valued printer owner, you can choose any installation process in terms of the compatibility of the system and the printer. Here’s a step by step guide for Canon printer installation drafted by the skilled technicians.

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Steps to install a wireless printer using easy steps

Step 1: Choose the printer usage process as WiFi or Bluetooth.

Step 2: Find the network menu or printer settings by using the Canon printer user guide.

Step 3: Select the standard wireless setup wizard. Some printer models include WiFi protected setup   over a wireless network.

Step 4: Enter the wireless network credentials, if prompted.

Step 5: Enable the Bluetooth option to make the printer discover able. Enter the pairing code for   connecting the printer and the computer.

Step 6: Now load the printer’s installation CD in the PC.

Step 7: Follow the on-screen instructions appearing in the setup wizard. Most importantly, ensure   your printer is paired with the PC, if you choose Bluetooth connectivity option.

Step 8: Print a document to inspect the printer and computer connection.

  Step 9: Check the printer listed in the dialog window. Now the wireless printer is successfully   installed.

Canon wireless printer functions flawlessly when configured accurately on the PC. The drivers and upgrades enhance the capacity of the PC to print documents instantly. On the other hand, the wireless network must  remain congestion free to prevent any printing error. Sometimes the printer error makes the user confuse. In such an event, dial the Canon customer support number to seek assistance from the professionals. The Canon support team remains 24hrs available for helping the troubled users. Visit ContactForHelp to search alternative Canon helpline numbers, your printing errors will be resolved shortly.


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