Why Is Canon Printer Not Printing After Replacing Cartridges

You may depend on the printer to print different business documents, including letters and images. After changing the empty ink cartridge of your Canon printer, it might not produce printouts appropriately or at all. It keeps happening while your printer doesn’t diagnose the cartridge or ‘assume’ it’s still blank. You may often face problems when you refill the empty ink cartridges on your own. It’s, therefore you should always take the expert help at the Canon Printer customer support number to avoid possible errors.

Canon technical support number

Eliminate Protective Tape

Some ink cartridges distribute with a small ribbon of protecting tape wrapping the print needle. It blocks the nozzle to stop the ink from dripping out while packing or shipping. If you didn’t get rid of the ribbon, the ink cartridge can’t print. Extract the cartridge from your printer search for the packing tape. Its color may be different depending on the cartridge model. Try to remain other labels and stickers on the ink cartridge. These cover it so that the ink doesn’t leak or dry out. The ink can be quickly dried out if you remove the label.

Change Ink Cartridge Counter

Your Canon printer may not identify the new ink cartridge, or the ink counter may assume it as blank. Some printers have an ink cartridge reset feature that forces the device to recognize the cartridge as fresh. For instance, press and hold the ‘Cleaning’ option or the ‘Load/Eject’ button for at least three seconds to reset the ink cartridge in Canon printers. Raise the clamp protecting the cartridge, but never eliminate it from your printer. Sealed the lock and press the ‘Load/Eject’ button again. Check your Canon printer’s manual guide to learn your printer reset procedure.

Run Extended Cleaning Cycle

If your Canon ink cartridge assembled in storage for any interval of time, the ink might be started to wet off. Running a long cleaning cycle may fix the issue and help your printer identify the cartridge. See your printer for the ‘Cleaning’ option and press and hold down the button for a few seconds. You can get the help by dialing the Canon technical support number USA to run a clean cycle on the printer. Once you run the clean cycle, take a test print to make sure whether your Canon printer can print again.

Refilled Cartridge Issues

Refilling ink cartridges is helpful to save the money, but it has their set of errors. If you filled it incorrectly, your Canon printer might not print. While filling a cartridge, sometimes the ink doesn’t spread it across the way to the lower of the tank. You can solve this issue by eliminating the cartridge and injecting fresh ink into the sponge via the exit hole. Air bubbles also can get stuck in the ink cartridge, obstructing the ink flow. Enable the cartridge to assemble new for about an hour to let the bubble remove by itself. If the issue still exists, eliminate the ink cartridge and slightly tap it on the table to extricate the bubble.


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