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Canon Printer is Not Responding – How to Fix It?

From the time the users have been granted with a wide array of choices within the printer industry, they have started adopting those printers which provide them with reliable and a stable option concerning the ability to do work on time. Canon Printer, being one such device, is by far the most reputable printer manufacturer around the world. It has managed its resources to generate impressive new ranges in the business. But, there have been situations when Canon Printer not responding issue arose. This resulted in degradation of the performance as well as the administration of the printer. Hence, to solve it the user can comprehend the following troubleshooting steps which are mentioned below.

Ways to Fix Canon Printer not Responding Issues

There can be situations when the users face errors in the functioning of the device. Thus to solve the problem on how to fix Canon Printer in an error state, the user needs to follow specific steps. The steps involved in the procedure are:

Verify the Cords and Wires

If the user is wondering that how to fix Canon Printer not responding issues they should verify that the power cord of the Canon Printer is plugged in. The USB cable should be connected firmly to the system and the laptop.

Prepare a Visual Inspection.

  • The first step which the user needs to do is open the top cover of the printer and prepare a visual inspection.
  • Verify if any stuck paper or external articles are there in the device or not. After that, the user should remove carefully it carefully.

Recognize the Printer Error or Printer Problem

  • The user needs to look for the sign lights flashing in a particular pattern. Now, verify and see the manual for the similar error code.
  • Follow the immediate steps on how to fix canon printer not responding in Windows 10 error.
  • Now, restart the system. If the system has stopped accepting the printer or the print queue request, the chances are that the issue is in the software.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Canon Software

An out-of-date software can be a reasonable explanation for a printer which is not working. The user can try to uninstall and then reinstall the platform that appeared with the Canon printer and then verify the Canon site for the latest version of the driver.

Check the Canon Printer Settings.

Start by opening the printer software and tap on the “Properties” and the “Options” button. Depending on the version of the software which the user wants to use, they need to choose an option which says “Test Alignment” or the option of “Clean Print Heads.” Now, wait for some time so that the printer prints a test page.

These are some of the ways in which the user can solve the issue where Canon Printer stops responding. If the user feels that they are unable to solve the problem even after these troubleshooting steps, then they can contact Canon Printer Customer Service number. The professionals would guide the user with the help and instructions that are necessary for the procedure.


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