Troubleshooting Google Chrome related issues

Troubleshooting Google Chrome Related Issues

Google Chrome would be that word which is heard, seen and used by every other user across the world. This browsing platform is so popular that by default its customer makes it as their first preference. Popularly known to be a fast, user-friendly and reliable browser, it is considered to be number one browsers of all times. Surely it is acknowledged to be one of the very high platforms, but in spite of being in such popular demand, the user faces issues which make an obstacle to their task. Some of the problems faced by Google Chrome are:

1. The Latest Version of Chrome

First, it is essential for the user to understand that how to install Google Chrome on their system. Follow the following steps

  • Download the installation file to your system.
  • Tap run and save to download the file
  • Double click the download option if you selected the save file.
  • A window is popped out once you install it. Click next and install the file.

Now if you haven’t installed the latest version of Google Chrome then go to chrome ”menu”-“help” and -“about Google Chrome” and allow Chrome to update it.

2. Removing the Corrupt File

Certain times you experience specific WebPages appearing while surfing the internet. These WebPages which occur unexpectedly causing installation of a corrupt data are known as pop-ups. It is essential to block pop-ups in Google Chrome to let the browser browse the particular WebPages which has been requested. Removing these corrupt file is crucial as it can damage your system and keep your necessary data at stake. Download and install the “chrome cleanup tool” to remove the corrupt files or free the system with any viruses or malware.

3. Cleaning up Cache Memory and Cookies

It might seem a much-understated issue but clearing up of all the cache memory and cookies help the system to run fast and aid in stability. To see if they are causing any problems visit “chrome menu”- “more tools”-“clearing browsing data.” A dialogue box appears to let the user check it with following data.

  • Browsing history
  • Download history
  • Cookies and other sites
  • Cache data
  • App data

Select the information you want to remove and clean the system.

4. Freezing and Crashing of the Windows

You might agree on the fact that Google Chrome is considered to be the most prominent browser of all times, but in spite of its performance, the user might face some issues related to crashing and freezing of the window. To resolve this problem the following things should be taken into consideration

  • Delete the local state file which holds some of the custom settings.
  • Rename the default folder which consists of all the types of extensions, history, cookies ECT
  • Go through the flash extension and see if it is causing any trouble or not.

The above-stated fixes and problems are some of the points faced by the user. You can visit the website “contact for help” to check out the directories and number of the customer support and resolve any issues which you are facing.


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