Some Steps to Uninstall the Google Chrome Browser

The below-mentioned information will act as a guide if you want to uninstall the chrome browser on your PC. To get the additional information, you need to dial the toll-free numbers of the Google Chrome Customer Support Number. By calling at the toll-free number, you can consult the issues with the technicians. They will answer and clear all your doubts within the time and even suggest you the existing solutions for it.

Try to Implement the Below-Listed Steps as Mentioned:

Step-1: First, you need to close all the opened tabs in Google Chrome browser. A lot of times, Windows users are unable to uninstall the program. It mainly happens because some programs were currently running in the other opened tabs.

Step-2: Now, click the “Start “menu located at the bottom of your main screen. You can also click the “Windows” logo, or you can even press the Windows key available at the keyboard.

Step-3: In the next step, a menu will appear on your window. In the bottom of that, you will notice a search box. Here you can type the name of all the programs and files that you want to find on the PC.

Step-4: If you are a Windows 8 user, then type the text “add or remove programs” in the Search Box.

Some Steps to Uninstall the Google Chrome Browser 1

In case you are a Windows 7 user, type the text “Program and features” in the search box.

Step-5: Now, a pop-up menu will appear on your screen. Here, you need to click on the option of” Add or remove programs” showing up in the top options. This will open a list of all the programs and files that are stored and installed on your computer.

Note: If you are a Windows 7 user, then click on the “Programs and Features.”

Step-6: Here, you need to scroll down; till you find the option of “Google Chrome” in the available list of programs. You can also sort these programs and files by selecting one of the available options like name, category, etc. appearing at the top of the menu.

Step-7: Now, you need to right-click on the name of the “Google Chrome” program. Here, you will get the option of “Uninstallation,” just click on it.

Note: All Windows 7 users have to double-click on the name of the “Google Chrome” to get the “Uninstallation “option.

Step-8: Later, you need to click the button labeled as “Yes” when prompted on your screen. It will start the process of uninstallation for the Chrome browser.

Step-9: Keep following all the on-screen instructions. In many situations, you have the option of storing the data which was already downloaded on your computers while using the Chrome.

During implementing these steps, if you got stuck anywhere, then no need to panic. Just dial the Google Chrome Customer  Service Number for an instant support. In case, you don’t know whom to trust, visit the Here you will get the toll-free number of the experts, mainly for the U.S.A and CANADA-based locations. If you are facing problems with pop ups in google chrome then you can also check: 5 Easy Steps to Block Pop-ups in Google Chrome


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