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How to Fix If Outlook Won’t Open Email Attachments

Email attachments are an appropriate way to transfer text files and images that are the bigger size or severely formatted for the email body. In MS Outlook program, an attached file seems like a small link at the upper of the message. When your Outlook is functioning correctly, clicking the link will show the file. You can also right-click on the link and then click the ‘Save’ button to save the attached file to your PC. In most cases, technical hassles or errors create issues as attached file not opening correctly or at all. In these circumstances, you can seek Technical support for Outlook to fix the file attachment issues. Also, try these troubleshooting solutions to repair the problem.

No Server Connection

Outlook functions with the remote server to send/receive and manage emails. With Outlook, your PC connects to its email server. If you have seen that messages aren’t sent/received correctly and even not being able to open attached files, then you may have lost the server connection. Ensure that you’re not in the ‘Work Offline’ mode. Click on this mode icon under the ‘Send/Receive’ tab of the program window to connect to the mail server again. It will change your connection status as ‘Working Online.’ Also, click the ‘Connect to Server’ icon placed under the ‘Send/Receive’ tan to reconnect to the server.

Corrupt Attachments

Attached files sometimes become damaged in the downloading/uploading procedure. A malicious attachment will not download correctly or may not open at all. Regularly the program attempting to open the attached file will load, but you may get a blank window. It sometimes happens when you try to open a corrupt PDF attached file. The PDF reader will open, but the file will not appear on the editor screen. If it still occurs, the problem may be related to attachments instead of software or computer. The attached file requires being reattached to another message and resent from its correct location for it to function appropriately.

Large File

If you’re trying to open large files, they will open slowly or not at all on your computer. A slow connection can decrease the downloading speed. Improving your Internet service will let you get big files more efficiently. Your PC may also lack sufficient RAM to open a huge attached file like the Photoshop. You require enough RAM saving and opening attached files on your PC. The bigger the file size, the additional RAM is required. To free RAM, close other programs while using Outlook. You can also enhance the RAM size to let your PC work with multiple processes simultaneously.

No Internet Connection

If you have just received and opened a message in Outlook, it doesn’t indeed mean that you have downloaded the attached file. It stays on the remote Outlook server. If your Internet connection gets failed before downloading and save the attached file to your PC, it will not display when you click on the file link. Unplugged or loose Ethernet and power cables on your PC, modem or router will interfere with the connection. If you have a wireless connection on your PC, check if your system is activated to get the Wi-Fi signal from the router.

However, if the workarounds as given above didn’t help you fix the attachment problems in Outlook, one of the alternatives you can prefer to get immediate support and solutions. At that time, call on the Outlook tech support phone number and speak with the experts to resolve the file attachment issues of Outlook.


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