Fix “Google Chrome Tabs Freezing” Issue in Windows 10

Although Windows has its own native Internet browsers, including Edge and Internet Explorer, but users still tend to prefer to use Google Chrome due to its high-speed, security, flexibility and performance. Chrome is one of the best performing browsers nowadays; however, it encounters errors and the irregular run-time issues either due to the extension or the OS. If you are using Google Chrome for Windows 10, freezing tabs is one such annoying issue that has been seen since the latest update of Windows 10. In such situations, you can process the troubleshooting methods outlined below to fix freezing issues.


Methods to Fix Chrome Tabs Freezing Issue in Windows 10

To efficiently prevent Chrome from freezing, you can clean junk, cache, browser history and optimize your Internet service. Here’re some methods you can take a try to fix the Chrome tabs freezing issue in windows 10.

Method 1: Disable Problematic Extensions

Extensions are mainly add-ons that allow you to add additional capabilities to the web browser. However, they start performing wrong at times due to compatibility or poor coding issues. If your Google Chrome keeps freezing frequently, you should try to disable chrome add-ons to get the smooth running of your browser. The process is quite easy you can either follow up the instructions available on the site or can contact the Google experts to get the quick resolution.

 Method 2: Disable Conflicting Modules

Some of the Google Chrome plug-ins or extensions installed may cause conflicts with the operating system or Chrome itself. In such cases, disabling conflicting modules may help you to fix this problem. To do this, enter the ‘chrome: //conflicts’ in the browser search bar and press the Enter. If any Conflicts identified, they will be laid out with the problematic app. By removing the conflicting app, you will be able to fix the issue.

Method 3: Reset Google Chrome

Sometimes, changes made to Chrome may also cause browser issues. In such situations, you can reset your browser to the default state to fix the freezing tab problem. You just need to follow the simple steps to reset Chrome. The action will restore the browser to its default state and possibly fix the problem.

Method 4: Return Chrome to the Prior Version

If any of the methods given above didn’t help you to fix the Chrome freezing tabs error in Windows 10, this is the time to return your browser to the prior version. It can be possible by uninstalling the application from the control panel, and then downloading and installing its previous version from the Google official site. You can also avail quick and excellent customer support for Google Chrome by dialing the phone number present in the Contactforhelp to fix the Chrome freezing issue in no time.


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