How to Fix Google Chrome Installation Errors

Google Chrome is the most prominent web browser offering the fastest browsing speed when surfing the Web. You can download the newest Chrome’s from the official website and install on your computer. Before downloading the Chrome, you should ensure the compatibility and other necessary information. Otherwise, you may not be able to establish the program and may receive one of the following errors:

  • Chrome Error 4 – It means that you’re already having the latest version of the browser installed on the computer.
  • Error 31 – You may receive this error when you can’t re-install Chrome.
  • You may face errors 7, 12, 13, 35, 57, 102, 103 with Chrome if the installation process gets failed due to some reasons.

If you’re facing one of the above-listed errors, call on the Google  Chrome customer support number to get the immediate resolution of the Chrome installation issues. You can also follow one of the solutions as given below to fix these errors.

Solution 1 – Ensure that your Computer Hard Drive has Sufficient Space

If your computer hard drive is running out the memory space, you might face the problems in installing the Chrome on your PC. To fix the issues, check these steps.

  1. Clear the hard disk space by removing the redundant files like temporary files, old documents, cache files, and programs.
  2. After that, try downloading the Chrome again from its official website.
  3. Run the installation file to install the program, and then restart your computer.

Solution 2 – Disable your Antivirus Software

Sometimes, security software can stop you from downloading and installing the program on your computer, and you may face the Chrome installation issues due to the antivirus software installed on your PC. To fix the problem, follow these steps.

  1. Disable the antivirus program or virus definition.
  2. Try downloading Chrome from Google’s website.
  3. Install the browser and enable the antivirus software again.

If you’re still unable to install Chrome with the security software disabled, you may require updating the antivirus program.

Solution 3 – Re-download Chrome

It may be possible that you have removed the update and installation assistant. So, you should download a new Chrome file to make a proper installation. Before downloading, it’s always suggested to ensure that your computer meets the requirements.

  1. Go to the Chrome website and download the newer version of the browser.
  2. After completing the download process, reinstall the Chrome.

Solution 4 – Consult Chrome’s Customer Support

If the step above didn’t work and your PC still doesn’t allow you to finish the installation, then call the Google Chrome technical support number to complete the Chrome update and fix the installation errors and issues. If you need more help to prevent the update notification, follow these 5 Easy Steps to Block Pop-ups in Google Chrome.


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