How to Fix Flash Plug-In Issues in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one such browser that provides the high-speed Internet access and fast loading of the websites. Unfortunately, like other web browsers, Chrome sometimes experiences Adobe Flash player issues that cause your web browser either to crash or to freeze up. You can also blame Flash plug-in to create the Google Chrome tabs freezing issue in Windows 10. If you’re unable to fix the problematic add-on in Chrome, you can follow the below-outlined solutions to resolve the problems.

Google Chrome and Flash Plug-in

Google Chrome comes equipped with the Flash plug-in by default. Whenever you upgrade your browser, Flash updates automatically as well. This plug-in lets the Chrome users play the multimedia contents more efficiently. Most of the websites also use it to show animated contents. So, Flash plug-in is the necessary part of your Chrome browser.

Common Problems

Google Chrome occasionally experiences Flash Player issues. The specific cause of the Flash problems with Chrome is the group of different software installed on your PC. Some of the websites can also trigger problems that either cause a complete crash of the browser tab or make your plug-in hangs up. You can too blame Flash plug-in for generating the ‘Aw Snap’ error in Chrome.

Unresponsive Flash Plugin

Sometimes, the Flash plug-in becomes unresponsive that cause the browser’s tabs to freeze up. At that time, you will find a message that states ‘the following plug-in is unresponsive: Shockwave Flash’ because of the interference of other add-ons. Before highlighting the primary factor that causes the error, you should restart your Chrome browser to solve the problems.

Chrome Crashing

This issue is most common when you’re using the Chrome having installed the Flash plugin. At such time, you will see a dialog window with the message that reads as ‘the following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash.’ Although some reasons cause the browser tab to crash, you can mainly blame to the low computer memory, software conflicts, and driver issues to make your Chrome crashing frequently.

Other Solutions

However, if the Flash player plug-in problem continues and you’re unable to use the Chrome browser, or it’s frequently crashing and freezing, you can update the add-on by downloading the latest release of Flash Player from the Adobe’s official website. For the Chrome problems, you can contact Google Chrome customer support Number by calling the helpline number to get resolved all issues within the shortest time.


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