5 Easy Steps to Block Pop-ups in Google Chrome

The Google Chrome web browser for Windows, by default, blocks most of the excessive pop-ups along with the option of showing blocked pop-ups individually. If you wish to customize the settings of the pop-up blocker to allow or reject all ads, or just want to set exceptions that allow or refuse pop-ups from a particular site, go to the window labeled as the ‘Content Settings’ from the Privacy section of the Settings tab of your Chrome browser.  If your Chrome browser is unable to block pop-ups, whatever the parameters you have set, then it might be possible that your computer is infected with viruses and malware.

Check the Below Steps to Block Pop-ups in Google Chrome

If your Chrome browser fails to block pop-ups by default, or you don’t know how to block pop ups in Google Chrome, the following steps help you block unwanted pop-ups. Here’s how to do:

Step 1 – Go to the main menu of your Chrome browser and click the ‘Settings’ tab. On the other hand, you can access the configuration page by typing the ‘chrome: //settings’ into the browser’s address bar.

Step 2 – Input the ‘Privacy’ text into the ‘Search Settings’ field to filter the long list of options of your Chrome browser. Click the ‘Content Settings’ button in the available results.

Step 3 – Move down in the ‘Content Settings’ screen to the Pop-ups section. Select the ‘Never Allow Any Site to Show Pop-ups (Suggested)’ option to block several pop-ups instead of the exceptions you have configured.

On the other hand, select the ‘Allow All Sites to Show Pop-ups’ option and then click the ‘Manage Exceptions’ button to block pop-ups only on a particular website.

Step 4 – Input the address of your site in the ‘Hostname Pattern’ field and select the ‘Block’ option in the Behavior section to block pop-ups on a particular site while choosing the ‘Allow All’ option.

Step 5 – After selecting the ‘Never Allow Any’ option, you can add websites and select the ‘Allow’ option to set the exceptions for sites with beneficial pop-ups.

However, if the steps as discussed above have not worked to block pop-ups in Google Chrome browser, then consult the experts by calling on the Google Chrome Tech Support Phone Number to get appropriate and immediate solutions. They will provide the step-by-step guide to block unwanted pop-ups in your browser. You can also address your queries relating the Chrome to get immediate solutions.


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