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What Do You Do When MS Outlook Is Not Working?

When using the Microsoft Outlook on your computer, it is possible to face troubles while performing various tasks. If your Microsoft Outlook isn’t working the way as expected, you may experience problems, such as you can’t access email folders in MS Outlook, or you can’t send messages anymore, or you can’t Outlook account. Whatever the issue, Microsoft Outlook problems can be the reason of a headache. Before dialing the Outlook Support toll free number to call experts for help, here are some solutions you can refer to fix the issue and get your Outlook account up and working properly.

Solution 1 – Close all running programs and reboot your PC. It may fix the issue if Microsoft Outlook is simply being a bit choosy and not suffering from any major problems. Also, ensure that your antivirus software isn’t now scanning your PC. It may prevent you from using Outlook if there’s any malicious file in your messages, so allow the antivirus program to complete scanning process and remove the particular file.

Solution 2 – Set your PC back to a previous date when you can open the Outlook program. Click the ‘Start’ menu on your desktop PC and then click the ‘Search’ icon. In the Search bar, input the ‘System Restore’ and then click the Outlook. Choose a date when you were able to use Outlook and proceed with the wizard to restore your PC to that previous time.

Solution 3 – Ensure that your PC is connected to the network if you’re not able to send/receive messages. To do so, click the ‘Start’ menu on your desktop, and then the ‘Control Panel’ icon. Choose the ‘Networks and Internet’ option, followed by the ‘Network Sharing Center’ to check if you’re connected. If there is no network connection, go to the modem and disconnect both of them for at least 10 seconds. Connect them back to, and allow them to reconnect to the network. Reboot your PC. Now, you will be linked to the web that may fix your Outlook issue.

Solution 4 – Go to the Microsoft support if you’re getting the errors like ‘Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook’ or ‘Your Microsoft Exchange Server is Unavailable’ or ‘The Action can’t be completed.’ These errors mean that you have not configured the default gateway on your Outlook client PC. Move to the end of the page and choose the ‘Fix This for Me’ option to download the instructions wizard that will go you through resolving the issue.

Solution 5 – Remove all unnecessary messages from the Inbox, Trash folder and Sent folder. Lower Outlook versions, such as 2002 and earlier, only provide 2 GB of storage. When you touch that limit, you might not be able to send/receive emails; it is possible to lose emails. To remove emails, choose the messages you would like to eliminate and click on the ‘Delete’ button. To pick multiple emails simultaneously, press and hold the ‘Ctrl’ key once you click the emails. Once you have removed these emails, they will be moved to the ‘Trash’ or ‘Deleted Items’ folder. Access that folder via the ‘Folder’ tab at the upper of Outlook program and choose the ‘Empty Folder’ option to eradicate emails altogether.

However, if you have any questions regarding these steps or find that the Microsoft Outlook exchange server is not working, then you should search for the immediate help and reasonable solutions. At that time, call on the Outlook support number to get your problem resolved.


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