Easy Steps To Use The Opera Pop-Up Blocker

Opera browser includes an integrated pop-up blocker, which stops web pages to load new windows such as, banner ads, pop-up ads and linked pages. The user has the right to disable or enable the pop-up blocker by editing the browser settings. Opera web browser allows the user to create pop-up conditions for a specific website. If you face an Opera browser crash issue, then it may be due to bad Pop-ups. To resolve this error, consult the Opera’s official customer support. Interested readers can follow the steps instructed below to manage Pop-Ups.

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Steps to enable/disable pop-up blocker

Step 1: Click Opera menu and choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu option list.

Step 2: Tap “Websites” appearing in the sidebar.

Step 3: Scroll down to “POP-UP” section. Choose “Allow All Sites To Show Pop-Up” to disable the POP-UP or select “Do Not Allow Any Site To Show Pop-UP”, the POP-UP will now turn-off.

Creating a Pop-Up rule

No doubts, the Pop-Ups are annoying, sometimes the webpage includes important info in Pop-Up windows, as a sign-in/sign-up form or download steps. To allow or disallow Pop-Up rule, it is necessary to create an exception, even if you enabled the blocker. Below mentioned steps will help you to create a Pop-up rule. For assistance, contact opera web browser support and get instant solutions without any delay.

Steps to create a pop-up rule

Step 1: Click Opera menu, choose “Settings” and click “Websites” option in the sidebar. Next, under the Pop-ups, click “Manage Exceptions”.

Step 2: Type the domain name of the site in the Host name field.

Step 3: Choose Allow/Block from the drop down menu. Now, click “Done” and save the exception.

Viewing the blocked Opera Pop-Ups

If Opera blocked a pop-up window, then manually open the particular Pop-up window by clicking “Warning Message”, which browser displays in the address bar.

Steps to view the blocked Opera Pop-Ups

Step 1: To open Contextual Menu, click “Pop-Up Blocked” option the address bar.

Step 2: Choose “Blocked Pop-Up” to manually open a particular Pop-Up window.

Pop-ups make the user irritated and many times prevents from accessing the important websites. Hopefully, the above discussed info will help you understand Opera Pop-Ups in a better way. However, if the problem persists, consult the Opera customer service and get help from the professionals. For independent Opera support numbers, visit the ContactForHelp web directory.


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