Create an AT&T Email Account

8 Easy Steps to Create an AT&T Email Account

Aside from the phone services, it is well-known for; AT&T also provides Internet services to both personal and professional users. If you’re an individual user, it allows for 21 email addresses or its sub accounts. Unlike free web-mail services like Gmail or Yahoo Mail, you should be an AT&T Internet subscriber to get an AT&T email address. After creating an AT&T email account, you can easily access over the web either on your computer or the smart phone. Before taking the professional help via the ATT technical support number, check these steps to create an AT&T email account:

Step 1 – First of all, navigate to the and then log into the AT&T internet account via the provided user name and password. Search the ‘Internet’ option via the MyAT&T tab.

Step 2 – Pass through the email accounts. The primary email address was generated when you accessed the AT&T email account. To create more accounts, choose the ‘Create/Manage Sub-Account’ option.

Step 3 – Click the ‘Add a Sub-Account’ link, followed by the ‘Accept’ button to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy of the AT&T.

Step 4 – Input the new email address into the User ID box. Enter a new password key in the ‘Password’ box and re-enter it to the ‘Confirm Password’ box.

Step 5 – Type your first/last names, your nickname if you have, gender, DOB, and zip code in the right fields. Type the email address of your primary email account holder’s in the ‘Contact E-mail Address’ box.

Step 6 – Check whether you wish to agree with this sub-account holder authorization to take sub-account holder’s permission to your AT&T email account.

Step 7 – Choose an offline protection question and answer and even a passcode. Choose at least two online security concerns and answers and then click the ‘Save’ button.

Step 8 – If you want, then print your data approval page, and then click the ‘Continue’ button to finish the sub-account configuration process.

Now, you can use your AT&T email services to communicate with people via emails over the web. Also, you can access it on your computer without opening the web browser via the Microsoft Outlook and other email software. You just need to set your AT&T web-mail account with the desktop email program to open your emails on the computer. For additional help and support, instantly call on the ATT customer support phone number and speak with experts to get step-by-step directions to create an email account easily and efficiently.


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