Tactics to Uninstall Avast Without a Password

Avast is the most popular antivirus software available in both free demo and premium version. This is the best security solution allow you to keep you system free from viruses, malware, spyware and other online threats and vulnerabilities. If you are using its trial-based versions and want to uninstall it or uninstall its premium version to extent its liability or want to switch to other antivirus software, there is the most convenient way to help you to remove it without using any kind of password.
Uninstall Avast Without a PasswordThe following the easy steps help you to remove the Avast, but be carefully, otherwise you can delete other items accidentally from your system. However, if you are a native use and don’t have any idea how to uninstall it, then you can contact on the Avast antivirus support number to get experts’ assistance. Steps are:-

  • Open the web browser of your system from the ‘Start’ menu. Visit to the ‘Avast’s Uninstall Utility webpage’.
  • Hit on the link to download its free utility version. It allows you to uninstall this program without using any type of program key or password.
  • Go to the ‘start’ menu, and then select ‘Shut Down’ to turn off your system. When it is turned off, depress the power button to turn it on, and hold down the F8 key. It will help you to restart your system in Safe mode. Hold for the system to power up in safe mode before ongoing.
  • Click on the uninstall utility twice to open it. Search the hard drive of your system for the folder in which you have installed Avast antivirus. It informs you that the file or contents you select will be removed, so don’t hit on the file name if you are confident about any of the particular program.
  • Hit on the ‘Remove’ button once you find the Avast file folder.
  • Restart your system again. Once it powers back on, you see that it is removed completely from your system.

However, if you are unable to remove it completely, then you may experience troubles while installing or uninstalling any of other software, then you should try to address your query with an expert by calling on the Avast phone number. In case, if the dialed number is not responding or reachable, try to visit the directory available online as Contactforhelp to search or find alternate number of the expert to get your problem to be resolved in time.


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