How to Stop AVG Antivirus from Blocking the File Download

AVG antivirus may not allow you to download any files or software when it suspects them as infected or finds any malicious contents. AVG antivirus comes with both free and premium of Internet security suite that you can select as per your needs. The premium version of AVG antivirus offers the most advanced and real-time protection by blocking the malware-infected files. However, if you have installed the program incorrectly, it may prevent all downloads. If this is the situation with you, then call at the AVG customer support number to find the precise reason of the issues and their solutions.

Here are some of the leading causes and the solutions for the AVG antivirus issues when it starts blocking the file downloads over the web.

Fix 1 – Infected Files :

If AVG antivirus starts blocking a file you’re trying to download, never forget that malware may actually infect it. You can’t download the file on your computer if your AVG program recognizes it as virus infected. To find out the cause of the problem, you should try to download other data from the same website and even from other sites to make sure that the file is being infected.  If you’re able to download additional files, it’s sure that the data has the virus. At such time, you can either update your antivirus program or run a complete computer scan to get rid of infections.

Fix 2 – Conflicts due to the Previous Version:

If your AVG antivirus is showing the ‘Download Failed – Virus Detected’ error message for several file downloads and you’re unable to download them from the Internet, it may be possible because of the software conflicts. If the AVG previous version still presents in your system, it can conflict with the updated version and stop it from working efficiently. At this time, you should perform a removal process to delete the old version files entirely from your PC to solve the issue.

Fix 3 – Remove Older AVG Version:

AVG doesn’t have any feature to delete the previous version entries automatically after upgrading the program to the new release, though; you can remove the AVG files by manual process. To remove previous AVG versions, check these steps:

  1. Click the Desktop icon and open the ‘File Explorer’ window.
  2. Choose the ‘C:’ drive and then access the ‘Program Files(x86)’ folder. If you’re unable to find that folder, go to the Program Files folder instead.
  3. Remove several folders that contain the lower version of AVG data instead of the updated version. For instance, if you’re currently using AVG antivirus 2013, then remove the folders that seem like ‘AVG9’ and ‘AVG2012.’
  4. Later on, start your computer again to restore the functionality of your AVG antivirus properly.

If you’re unable to remove the previous version of AVG, you may face difficulties in installing the new AVG antivirus. If you’re encountering any error during the downloading process, click the link labeled as the troubleshoot Error Code 0xC0070643 in AVG Antivirus.

Fix 4 – Add File Exclusions:

If you’re optimistic that the file you’re downloading doesn’t have the virus infection and AVG antivirus still keeps blocking it, you should add the file to the File Exclusions list to stop the download blocks. Here’s how to add the file exclusion.

  1. Open the AVG program and go to the Settings icon, and then click the option that reads as ‘Manage exceptions.’
  2. Click the ‘Add File’ option to add the file to the Exceptions list. Choose the file and click the ‘OK’ button to confirm the action.
  3. Click the ‘Apply’ button to make changes to the settings, and then the ‘OK’ button to exit the AVG window.

Fix 5 – Disabling AVG Temporary:

If you still can’t download the file from the Web and you confirm that the file is authentic, you can disable AVG antivirus temporary to fix the problems. To turn off AVG, do the following.

  1. Go to the Windows taskbar and find the AVG program icon.
  2. Right-click AVG icon and select the ‘Temporarily disable AVG protection’ option to turn off the security on a temporary basis.

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