5 Steps to Activate Avast Internet Security on your Windows PC

Avast Internet Security is well-known for real-time protection against all kinds of viruses and Internet threats. The process of activating this tool is relatively more comfortable; you just need to enter the activation code received the confirmation email at your email address you give when purchasing the Avast Internet Security. After installing this security software correctly on your Windows computer, you can try these steps to activate the security license. If there is any problem in finding the activation code, you can download it from the Avast account by accessing it.

Note – In the case of Avast billing problems or if you’ve not installed Avast Internet Security on your PC and now don’t how to install it, contact the Avast customer care number for immediate guidance and installation of the program.

Learn How to Activate Avast Internet Security on your Computer:

If you have not activated Avast Internet Security in the installation process or you wish to enable the subscription on another computer, it’s possible by entering the activation code you received in the confirmation email when you buy it. To do so, check the following steps to activate the Avast Internet Security.

Step 1 – First of all, sign in your email address and then find and view the order verification email sent by Avast. Move down to the email’s section labeled as the Installation Instructions and copy the activation code from there.

Step 2 – Now, right-click the Avast program icon which is either saved on the desktop or in the system tray and choose the ‘Subscription Information’ option. A ‘Subscription’ window appears.

Step 3 – Click Insert Activation Code, which is found as per the Avast user interface on the Subscription window. You can search for it either in the ‘Avast Internet Security’ section or at the top of the ‘Subscription’ window.

Step 4 – Now, paste the activation code you have copied earlier into the appropriate text field and click the ‘Next’ button. At last, choose the ‘OK’ option to approve the action.

Step 5 – Once your activation code is verified, you will see a ‘Your subscription is active’ text message in the Avast Internet Security section. You will also find the information related the subscription like the number of days left behind also appears in addition to the expiry date.

Also, you can also activate the subscription on multiple computers you mention during the purchase of the Avast Internet Security. For instance, if you purchase an Avast Internet Security subscription for three machines, you can use the single activation code to activate it on all specified systems.  If you require moving your subscription to another computer, then you have to remove it first from your computer before enabling it on the alternative PC.

On the occasion of any problems after installing Avast Internet Security, as you’re unable to access the Internet or install new software on your PC, it’s suggested to turn off the program on a temporary basis. To do so, you can check the information on how to disable an Avast Antivirus temporarily.


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