Norton 360 is Slow to Startup – How to Fix It?

When Norton 360 antivirus software is slow to start-up and runs on your PC, it will often slow down the performance of your computer until the program has loaded properly. Although, you can turn it off completely, but it would leave your system vulnerable and lead to risk. Still, a bit of system maintenance and regular troubleshooting can solve the issues without resorting Norton customer service and without leaving your computer at risk. The following tips will help you to fix the Norton 360 slow to startup issue and speed it up.

Norton 360 is Slow to Startup – How to Fix It

Norton 360 Startup Programs and Services

If the Norton 360 is opening up slowly simultaneously you are trying to boot your system, means that your system has a number of programs and services that are trying to initiate all at once. In such situations, try to use the MSConfig utility to uninstall redundant programs from the startup procedure.

Go to the Start menu; enter ‘MSConfig’ in the search bar and press ‘Enter’. Hit the Startup tab and uncheck the box beside the program you want to launch automatically. These changes will come into effect when you boot the PC for the next time.

Computer Hardware Glitches

If your system doesn’t have the least hardware requirements needed to run the program, Norton 360 may load slowly, or it might not run at all. If you are using Windows Vista/7/8 based computer, it requires a 1-GHz processor, 256MB of RAM and 300MB of hard drive space to load and run more quickly.

Temporary and Vulnerable Files

Deleting Windows temporary files can speed up Norton 360. Windows is always writing files to your system’s hard drive and it will ignore old temporary files on the hard drive until you remove them up. This is the reason your system will load slowly and make the Norton 360 slow down to run. You can delete temporary files manually from the Run dialog box, or you can use the ‘Disk Cleanup’ tool placed in the ‘System Tools’ menu.

Norton Power Eraser

This is the free program provided by the Norton to aid you in deleting malware from the system that might be stopping Norton 360 from opening properly. In order to start system scanning, it will require an instant reboot of your system after installation. You should use this program carefully because it can remove legitimate programs accidentally. In order to opt for maximum benefit, make sure that you have downloaded and run the free Norton Power Eraser.

However, if you are still unable to speed up your Norton 360 antivirus software, just get in touch with the Contactforhelp, a web directory offers quick and reliable Norton antivirus support number so that you can directly contact with the experts and know more about the troubleshooting guide in order to fix the issues in an effective manner.


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