Know How You Can Set Exclusions in Norton Antivirus

Set Exclusions in Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus can obstruct certain documents on the off chance that it distinguishes vindictive code inside their structure. In uncommon cases, the antivirus may square genuine documents by error. On the off chance that Norton recognizes one of your delicate business archives as a virus and endeavors to isolate or erase it, you have to make a move instantly. By adding the document to the Exclusions show, you keep Norton Antivirus from filtering and making a move on it. So, if you are user of Norton Antivirus, and now want to know the process for setting its exclusions, you should take instant help from the experts by giving them a call at Norton customer service number. Well, alternatively you can also follow the steps that are given below: Take a quick look:

Step 1:

In the beginning of the process, you would be required to click on the option for “Settings” to join in the Norton Antivirus window to explore to Settings. The Computer tab is chosen as a matter of course.

Step 2:

In the next step, you are supposed to click on another option that says “Antivirus and SONAR Exclusions,” followed by connection, and after that tap the “Design” link which you can find alongside of “Things to Exclude from Scans.” As soon as you will click on it, the Scan Exclusions window opens.

Step 3:

Now, you would be required to click on the option that says “Add,” followed by clicking on the “Browse” option. As soon as you are done with the steps, don’t forget that you have to select the document you need to prohibit from outputs and click on the “OK” button twice to add the record to the Exclusions list. Alternatively, you can choose a whole envelope, and all its sub-folders, in the event that you need to prohibit a gathering of documents.

Step 4:

While you are moving ahead with the steps, don’t forget that you are require to click on the option for “Apply” and afterward “OK” to apply and spare the new settings

Step 5:

Now you are supposed to click on the “Design” link which you find just beside the option for “Things to Exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR and Download Intelligence Detection.”

Step 6:

After you are done with the previous steps, you are supposed to utilize the same technique to add the document or envelope to the Auto-Protect, SONAR and Download Intelligence Detection Exclusions list.

Step 7:

At the end, all you need to do is to click on the “OK” tab for coming back to the fundamental Norton Antivirus window.

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After going through the steps, if you realize that you have any other queries that are related to the Norton Antivirus software, make sure that you consult the experts. All you need to do in order to get in touch with the professionals of Norton Antivirus is to give them a call at their customer service number. Also, if you don’t have the number, don’t worry as you can you avail the Norton antivirus support number by visiting the website of Contactforhelp. It is basically an online directory that offers reliable numbers for all the customer service that are specifically based either in the US or in Canada.

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