Guide to Uninstall AVG Free Antivirus

With the potential to use aggressive methods to perceive, confine and eliminate all types of viruses, Trojans and malwares from your system, AVG Free Antivirus is in all probability the best pick for you, especially if you want to enjoy the remuneration of any high-end antivirus without paying any extra bucks. However, in spite of so many benefits that it offer, repetitive glitches are common, which makes it difficult for the user to continue using the software. As a result, most of them prefer to uninstall it to overcome frequent problems related to it.

AVG Customer Support

Also, if you are one of them who want to uninstall AVG Free Antivirus, make sure that you have taken instant help from AVG Customer Support. As an alternate option, you are supposed simply follow the steps that are given below so that you can treat the issue without any errors.

  • In order to begin with the process, make sure that you have clicked on the “Start” button, which can be found in the bottom left corner.
  • Also, you are supposed to roll the cursor up onto the “All Programs” selection, followed by viewing the list of programs on the computer.
  • In the next step, make sure that you have rolled the cursor over the “AVG Free” listing for your anti-virus package. Once it is done, you need to ensure that you have purposely clicked on the option that says “Uninstall AVG Free” choice from the options that appear.
  • After you are done with the previous steps, you need to ensure that you are waiting for the uninstall feature. While you are waiting, it would be good if you can scan the computer for all components of the anti-virus software.
  • After a few more minutes, when you realize that the scanning is successfully finished, make sure that you have clicked the “Yes” button when the dialog box appears asking, “Do you want to remove AVG Free from your computer?”
  • Also, you must not forget to restart the computer when the un-installation is complete. Visit and download the removal tool as well.

In case, the above given steps are unclear to you; the best way to get things resolved is by consulting experts. You can instantly get in touch with skilled professionals by giving a call on AVG customer service phone number. If you don’t have their number, you can easily avail it from the official site of Contactforhelp, which is an online directory that offers reliable numbers of similar services.


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