Avast Anti-Theft App is back to help you recover the lost stolen phones

Avast’s Updated Anti-Theft App Is Back to Help You Recover the Lost/Stolen Phones

The Avast Mobile Team recently released an upgraded variant of Avast Anti-Theft. And, this application helps you find and recoup your lost or stolen cell phones and it empowers you to find, lock, wipe and even sound alarms on your telephones by utilizing any portable or desktop gadget.

If there is a case that a cell phone is lost or stolen, you can essentially send a SMS specifically to the phone or download the Avast Anti-Theft application on some other Android gadget to send a remote summon. This order, which can likewise be sent from the web by means of your Avast account, gifts you full control of Avast Anti-Theft’s extensive variety of elements.

Avast Anti-Theft incorporates special groups of different features that are not offered in Android’s Device Manager, for example, Sound Recording and a Theftie feature. Both of these elements can give key experiences into finding a lost or stolen gadget and returning it to its legitimate proprietor.

Extra key elements of Avast Anti-Theft are as per the following:

  1. The application’s Theftie highlight gives you the capacity to remotely take a photograph of the thief attempting to take their gadget.
  2. Sound Recording permits you to record sound of the cheat’s surroundings to catch potential hints to the guilty party’s whereabouts or area.
  3. Stealth mode: The application is covered up on your gadget, and cannot be seen or notice by others
  4. Call and SMS sending: Forwards all the inboxed messages and calls to another number
  5. Call number from gadget: Allows you to listen to what’s occurring on hold of their gadget
  6. Android PIN/design check: Locks gadget after 8 open endeavors
  7. SIM card change notice: Notifies you when SIM has been supplanted
  8. Control by SMS: Allows you to control the gadget even without an Internet association

With Avast Anti-Theft, users can not just track the whereabouts of their missing gadget; additionally totally wipe it of all information in the occasion the gadget is not recoverable. With the measure of precious data on our gadgets, from photographs to recordings to managing an account data, clients ought to have an approach to erase the substance if their phones happen to disappear or fall into the wrong hands. And, this is the reason why Avast’s this feature is extremely helpful!

If you want to know about the additional updates of Avast Anti-theft, take a look at the pointers below:

  • A recently redesigned user interface
  • Simplified user experience, and less-cluttered controls
  • Completely rewritten code
  • making the App more stable and smaller
  • Improved dual SIM support
  • Full support of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

Well, if you have any further queries regarding the same, just make sure that you have taken instant help from the experts. In order to get in touch with them, all you need to do is to give a call to Avast customer care number. And, if by any chance, you don’t have this number, visit the website of Contactforhelp. It is an online directory that provides reliable numbers for all the US and Canada-based customer services.


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