Steps for Fixing the Downloading Problems in Adobe Reader

When we download the PDF file, the most common problem we face is how to open that PDF file in a supported format. The solution to this problem is the Adobe Reader. You might have the Adobe Reader in your computer system, but if not then you can easily download it from the internet. Now if we are talking about downloading the Adobe reader, it is important to know that what it is and how we can use it. Adobe Reader is an application which can be used on the desktop as well as mobile application. Remember Adobe reader is not used to creating the PDF; it only uses to open them. You can create and edit the PDF file by using the Adobe Reader. It is used to view, create, manage, manipulate and print files in PDF Format i.e. Portable Document format.  It is compatible with almost all the Windows such as Window 7, Window Vista also with the Mac OS. Adobe reader is available in different languages which make it easier to use. Abode Reader is available as a freeware and you can also go for the subscription for which you have to pay. If you will choose the free version of the Adobe Reader, then you can use the basic functions like Viewing the file, printing the file and also adding the notation to the file.

Now that you know that what is Adobe Reader and how you can use it, then it’s time to know how to download the adobe reader in your computer system. Also, if you still have any questions related to the same then you can dial and contact Adobe customer service number. Let’s have a look!

How to Download the Adobe Reader to your Computer System:

1. Open the internet browser and go to the Adobe Reader download page.

2. Once you will be on the download page, you need to click on “Install now” option.

3. When you will click on the “Install now” option, a message window will appear at the bottom of the browser window name as “Run”.

4. Now click on the “Run” option. Once you will click on that, a new “Confirmation message” will appear on your computer screen. Click “Finish”.

5. After you click “finish”, Adobe reader is downloaded to your computer system.

Now, that we have explained above how to download the Adobe Reader it doesn’t mean that you will not face any problem while downloading it. So, it is important to know about the problems we can face while downloading it and also how to resolve them.

Problems you can Face While Downloading the Adobe Reader:-

  • Your downloading file can stop before the completion.
  • You can get any error message while downloading the file such as Connection failure; server not found or cannot connect to the server.
  • Or maybe once you will click on the download button, nothing will happen.

Now, if you are facing these above mentioned problems or any other problem while downloading the Adobe Reader in your computer system, then you have to look at the steps below to resolve them:-

Problem 1:

it is important to make sure that your internet connection is stable or not.


If your internet connection is not stable then it can create problem while downloading the file. To check whether your internet connection is working properly or not, try to download the file from another website, if the problem still persists then you need to contact your Internet service provider. And, if your internet gets stable then try to download the file again. If the first attempt of downloading the file was interrupted then you need to restart the download process.

Problem 2:

if you are facing the problem even after the internet connection check, then it is important to know that at what time frame you are downloading the file.


Make sure that you will download the file there is less activity such as early morning or late evening because a large volume of activities can interfere with the internet connection.

Problem 3:

Another problem can occur while downloading the file if we are installing it on a network drive and sharing it on a multiple number of computers.


It is important to install the Adobe Reader on an individual computer or in each user’s folder.

Problem 4:

There can be some issue in the setting such as your “JavaScript” is enabled.


For enabling the “JavaScript” you need to follow the below mentioned steps:-

1. Open Internet browser, choose tools and select the Internet options.

2. Once you will click on the “Internet option”, click on the second tab which is “security”. Under the “Security”, there is an option of “trusted sites”.

3. Click on the “Trusted site” option” then you need to click on the “Custom Level”. Then select the “Scripting” Option and under that click on the “Enable” option.

4. Once you will enable the stings, you can download the Adobe Reader easily.


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