Quick Ways to Install a Printer for Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is PDF (Portable Document Format) viewing software developed by Adobe Systems, a one of the leading PDF software. Using Reader, you can open and view as well as written PDF forms and documents in some cases. It also allows you to manage and print unprotected PD files. You just have an installed printer for the Reader in your system.

If you are going to install it for the first time, but don’t know about the procedures, then you can consult with an expert by calling at the Adobe help phone number.  However, if you want to try on your own, then take a look for the following guide listed below.
1. Click on the ‘Start’ button on the Windows and choose the ‘Devices and Printers’ option. A dialogue window will appear on the screen. Hit on the ‘Add a Printer’ button and hit on the related to option to add a network or local printer. For adding a local printer, skip to step 2. And, for Adding a network printer, process to the step 3.

2. Choose the suitable printer port for your local printer. Hit on the ‘Next’ button. Choose the compatible printer driver. If you don’t have the correct printer driver, but you have the disk, hit on the ‘Have Disk’ button and process the steps for installing the driver software. Hit on the ‘Next’ button. Hit on the finish to complete installation.

3. Choose the name of the network printer from the available printers list. If it is not found, hit on the ‘not listed’ link and continue the steps to search the network printer. Hit on the ‘Next’ button followed by ‘Finish’ to complete the network printer installation.

4. Start Adobe Reader and open any document which you want to print, hit on the ‘print’ option in the ‘file’ menu. Search the printer which you installed via the ‘Printer name’ drop-down menu.  Now you can use the printer to print Adobe Reader documents.

However, if you have still any query regarding the above listed steps, or you are experiencing printer driver installation problem, feel free to make a call at the Adobe contact number listed inside the online directory as Contactforhelp, offering direct support phone number for a number of tech companies.


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