How to Fix the Adobe Reader Download Problems

Adobe Reader is the leading software program mainly used to create, edit and view the PDF (portable document format) files from any system. Though, various PDF viewer applications available in the market, some websites still require having installed the Adobe Reader on the computer before you view a specific file or PDF document. If you have difficulty in downloading the Adobe Reader, call on the Adobe customer service number to get fixed the issues instantly and efficiently. You can also follow one of the solutions below to resolve the Adobe Reader download issues.

Fix 1 – Internet Connection Problems

Downloading the Adobe Reader is a relatively easy task; you can download the program from Adobe’s official website. However, if the download process doesn’t begin instantly soon as you click on the download link, it’s possible that you have the Internet connection issues. To find out the causes, you have to browse a different website that provides the software download link and then try to download the Adobe Reader. If you’re able to download the program, the problem may be with your Adobe’s official site.

If you’re unable to download the Adobe from here as well, check the network administrator or consult your Internet service provider for the help. You may also face trouble in downloading the program file if you have a robust network connection but the Internet traffic is overloaded. So, try to download the Adobe Reader program later.

Fix 2 – Repair or Reinstall Adobe Download Manager

Adobe Download Manager is an application mainly developed to handle the installation procedure and automatically recognize if there is a new update present. To make sure if the Adobe Download Manager is already installed on your PC, click the ‘Start’ menu, followed by the ‘Control Panel,’ and then choose the ‘Uninstall a Program’ option. If you find the Download Manager here, close that window and launch the Adobe Download Manager by choosing it from the Start menu.

However, if you’re unable to find the Adobe Download Manager, go to the Adobe’s official website and download the program from here. Once you run the Adobe Download Manager, it will automatically start the download process for Adobe Reader. If the process doesn’t begin, it’s possible that you already have installed the Adobe Reader. To check if you have the copy of the program, click the ‘Start’ menu and type the Adobe Reader in the search bar. Once you find the file, click on it twice to allow the installation process.

Fix 3 – Disable Antivirus Program

Sometimes, the security software you have installed on your computer can cause difficulties in downloading a program or file from the Internet. If you’re facing problems in downloading the Adobe Reader, you can either disable the antivirus software or uninstall it permanently to download the program without any hassles. The process of disabling and uninstalling the security program may differ, relying on the antivirus product you’re using. So, to find the directions, you should always check the on-screen user’s manual for your antivirus software.

Fix 4 – Other Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re still unable to Adobe Reader program, try to download it on any other computer, as it can cause the trouble in downloading the application. Before downloading the program, you should always ensure the system specifications required to download and run the Adobe Reader. You can check the detailed specs by visiting the Adobe’s official website.

If Nothing Else Works, Consult the Adobe Experts

If none of the above-outlined resolutions worked to download the Adobe program efficiently, you could ask the solutions from experts by dialing the Adobe help phone number. If you have completed the download but now facing problems in installing a printer for the Adobe Reader, you can follow these quick ways to install a printer for Adobe Reader.


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