How to Disable Adobe Flash Plug-in in Google Chrome

The Adobe Flash player is one of the most widely used tools to deliver video content online as YouTube, but not for everyone. Running which plug-ins is active in your internet browser helps to provide you better control over your browsing experience.  Although the Adobe Flash comes with pre-installed in Chrome, but you need to control it via a plug-in where as you can enable and disable the plug-in as per your choice.

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Additionally, you can disable it completely, or insert the option to select when the Flash player is agreed to run. Therefore, whatever your reason is for disabling Flash, either the resource hogging tendencies or the security vulnerabilities. You can do it easily by taking Adobe customer support specialists help, however, if you want to do on your own, you can follow up the set of instructions listed below:-

  1. At first, open you Chrome browser and visit the ‘Chrome: //settings’.
  2. Hit on the ‘Show advanced Settings’ option to explore the Privacy section.
  3. In the “Privacy” section, choose ‘Content Settings’ option.
  4. Under the ‘Content settings’ pop-up window, hit on the ‘Let me choose when to plug-in content’.
  • This will let you select when your Flash videos and other contents will run within your browser. It will particularly helpful for those frustrating websites that show Flash-based video advertisements, stopping them until you select to view it.
  • You can also choose ‘detect and run important plug-in content’ for a Flash moderation. The browser will identify when Flash content is essential for a site run automatically run when required.
  1. In order to see a Flash item, hit on the Control and then choose ‘Run this Plug-in’. You will be able to watch the video or content immediately.
  2. One other way to disable Flash is that, click on the ‘Manage individual plugins’ at the settings window.
  3. At last, choose disable for each one of the listed Flash Player.

If you want to verify that Flash is disabled or not, then just visit its Help page and choose the ‘Check Now’ button. You will see a message that notifies that ‘Flash Player is pre-installed with Google Chrome, but not enabled.’

However, if you are still getting problems because of your Flash player might be corrupted and you are unable to disable it, just contact adobe support number listed in an online directory as Contactforhelp to get rid of the problems instantly via the expert help.


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