How to Fix if my Epson Printer Paper Sticks Together ?

Silky, matte, bond and other kinds of papers in the Epson’s laser or inkjet printer prone to static cling. Sometimes, the static electricity causes paper in your printer to attach and jam within the rollers and other components of your printer. While there are methods to fix the issue, you may not be able to remove such static cling problems completely. So, whenever you face that problem, you should instantly dial the Epson customer care number to get in touch with experts and solve problems in a proper manner.

Epson printer customer service number


The Little moisture and the transmission of power charges from the body of the paper create static to form the paper sheets in your printer. And, whenever you touch the printer, you may even get an electric shock from the touch. If you access the paper trays of or remove paper from the top or the bottom trays of your Epson printer, you can hear the paper creating crunching sounds that notify static among the sheets. The static cling enhances in the winter months and can encounter within the paper tray located in your printer.

Paper Conditioning

To fix the unopened paper or static cling issue, keep your paper at a persistent temperature and damp level. It’s known as conditioning and includes putting the paper in the area with a temperature and wetness level that doesn’t modify. If the paper is dry, you can face that issue. If the paper is moist, you will get it stick together, and it can be the reason of paper jams. If you have the paper placed in your Epson printer even if you’re not using the machine, then removes it and put it where the constant temperature and moisture level exists.

Manual Feed

Another method to avoid static cling is to print papers from the bypass tray or manual feed of your Epson printer.  Some printers have the manual feeder option that you can access by pressing the ‘File’ button and then the ‘Print’ within the interface of your machine. Open the tray and put one sheet on it, change the paper guides, and then print your document. Follow the same procedure for every page of the document you require printing.

 Paper Dust

Every time you print the document, toner and paper particles gather on the rollers in your printer. These particles collapse onto any page in the paper trays of your Epson printer and lead to static cling. If you want to avoid static cling, then clean the paper rollers using a cotton cloth wet with isopropyl alcohol. Allow the alcohol vanish before you print again.

Epson printer customer service number

If your Epson printer still has the static cling issues and you can’t print your documents, you should contact the experts by dialing the Epson printer customer service number to ask the solution regarding your printer issues.


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