8 Handy Steps to Solve HP Printer Carriage Problems?

The HP DeskJet printer’s carriage is a module that moves back and forth to print your papers. It can be stuck, triggering your printer to stop the printer, misprint, or seem damage. If it occurs, you will hear a crunching noise while the carriage tries to slide but is unable for doing that. It shows that the actuator arm is jammed, which stops the carriage from moving backward and forward as it typically should. Resolving the problem is just a matter of taking and releasing the actuator arm, and then stirring the carriage again. Before you contact HP printer helpline number to fix carriage issues, check the following steps:


Step 1 – Unplug the DeskJet printer from the power cord and access the cover so you can inspect the carriage assembly. Take out extra paper from rollers. Try to remove the paper jam that exists.

Step 2 – Press the two arms on opposed sides of the tray and pull it out. Put the paper tray to the side. Find any crumpled or jammed paper where the tray is positioned and remove it.

Step 3 – Move the carriage to the central of your HP printer gradually. If the carriage encounters counteraction, stop it and go to the step 4.

Step 4 – Find the extended back bar simply above to the rollers. Drag the bar down and let it spring back up. Also, try to move the carriage to the middle again. If it encounters counteraction, stop it and go to the step 4.

Step 5 – Find a black bar that places under the rollers. You will require reaching below and touch the bat to detect it. Check to make sure that it’s smooth and parallel to your HP printer. Press it down softly if it is indicating upward. Move the carriage to the middle of your printer.

Step 6 – Raise the actuator arm, a thin plastic band just beyond the gear assembly on the left corner inside of your printer. Allow the armrest to catch back to its usual position.

Step 7 – Change the paper tray and connect your HP printer to the electricity. Power the printer on and close its cover.

Step 8 – Reset your DeskJet printer and press the ‘OK’ button on the display menu, or continue with the printer reset steps provided either on the printer screen or in the user manual.

However, if your HP DeskJet printer is still having problems and you are unable to solve the issues, even after following these troubleshooting instructions, it’s advised to contact the technical experts. The HP tech support number is the most significant way to directly communicate with the techies who are always willing to assist users looking for the help to solve out their printer-related problems.



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