6 Steps to Fix If your HP Printer Faded on One Side of the Page

A printer is the most important object if you’re a business owner. It is because both your clients and staff member require getting the information on the pages it prints. When using the HP printer, finding pages that are faded on one side of the page can be very annoying. The issue may be due to a primary cause, such as poor paper quality or ink cartridges wear, or it can be a more dangerous issue that needs to contact HP support number. However, you can follow some easy and quick troubleshooting steps earlier to get professional help.


Step 1 – First of all, take out the paper now in the printer’s tray. Change the old page with the new printer paper sheet. It’s likely that the old paper was dampened on one side or had a rough surface that was creating the problem, and changing it with the new one will fix if this is the situation.

Step 2 – Open your word processing or web browser program and then open any page which is packed with text and graphics. Print your page with the new paper and then see the newly produced paper to make sure if the issue exists. If your page is evenly printed, the old one has the issue. If it’s not, then go to the next step.

Step 3 – See the printer ink/toner status. Relying on your HP printer, there may be a screen that shows ‘Low Ink,’ or it may be a status light that shows red, yellow or orange once the cartridge requires replacement. If the indicator states that the change is necessary, go to the next step. If it doesn’t say for replacement, skip to the step 6.

Step 4 – Access the ink or toner cartridge carriage area and then take it out. Put a new ink cartridge into the printer’s carriage. Open your web browser or Word program and then find any page that is having text and graphics

Step 5 – Take a test print and then see the newly printed paper to ensure that it’s consistently printed. If it doesn’t print appropriately, then continue with the next step.

Step 6 – Check the user’s manual distributed with your HP printer to get information about the specific cause of the problem and learn how to fix the issue.

If these troubleshooting techniques didn’t help you to repair your HP printer problems, you could call on the HP printer help desk number to make a direct appointment with techies who can fix your printer. To avoid the redundant errors, you can also update your HP printer drivers from time to time. So, whenever you want to take professional help, inform about the troubleshooting steps you just have followed already.


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