Top 2 methods to backup your Microsoft Outlook Data

If you are one of them who have experienced a system crash, then you will understand the troublesome situation of the loss of saved mails, contacts and all the important email data. Computer geniuses suggest backing up important files on a regular basis, but some of us forget to backup email files. For most of you, email and contacts are among the most necessary data on the PC. Backing up the same can be quite easy as copying a single file. For those who have Microsoft Outlook as their preferred email client, then here are 2 important methods to deal with the issue. It can surely avoid stress and save all your essential data in a proper way. For finding ways to deal with the issue, you can give a direct call at Microsoft outlook helpline number.

backup your Microsoft Outlook email Data

Backing up Outlook

Understand how Outlook stores data

All of the Outlook information, with emails, contacts,folders, calendars and others is stored in a single .pst or .ost file on the PC. Copying the file will make a full backup of the Outlook info.

Open the folder comprising your Outlook data file

Now, you can search the .pst and .ost files. These are those files for the user’s Outlook program. The files will be named after the email id they are linked with. Most of the users will have .pst files, while Exchange users will normally have an .ost file.

  • Copy the file by choosing it and then pressing ‘Ctrl+A’ or you can right-click on it and choose ‘Copy.’

Decide on how you want to backup your file

You can find various methods to securely backup the data file, depending on the requirements. Making multiple backups will assist you in understanding that the file stays safe in case something goes wrong: – You can:

  • Copy the file to a USB drive
  • Burn the file to a disc
  • Upload the folder to a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or OneDrive.

Restoring Your Backup

You can copy the backup file to the PC

If the backup file is on a USB drive, on a cloud storage or disc, you will want to copy it onto the PC’s local storage first. You can locate the file anywhere, like on the PC or in the Documents folder.

Tap on the File tab/Office button

If you have an older version, you can tap on the File Menu.

Choose ‘Open & Export’ or ‘Open’

You will now see many options.

Click on the ‘Open Outlook Data File.’

This will open the file browser.

Search for the Data File

You can navigate to the data file that you copied back to the local storage. Choose it and tap on ‘Open’ to load the file.

Use your backup

Outlook automatically will load the backup data file, plus all the messages, contacts, folders and Calendar entries.

If you are a bit muddled regarding the steps, you can also fetch help from the experts by dialing Outlook customer support number to get the solutions quickly. Searching for the online directories like Contactforhelp can also help to search the customer care phone numbers of the products needed by the clients based in the US & Canada.


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