Get Support to Turn off Auto complete in Apple Safari

In the Apple Safari web browser, the autocomplete feature causes it to ‘recall’ the text and information you provide on forms online. Although using forms auto completed can be convenient to speed up your browsing experience. However, if you are entering confidential information into forms or other people have access to your computer, then you may not want to the auto complete feature activated. In such scenario, you can turn off this feature via your browser preferences.

Turn off Auto complete in Safari browser

Steps are:-

  1. Launch your Safari web browser.
  2. Click the ‘Safari’ located in the main menu and choose ‘Preferences’ found in the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the ‘Autofill’ section of the ‘Preferences’ window.
  4. Deselect each of the check boxes beside the autofill options by clicking on them, disabling the auto complete feature for each selection.

However, if the problems still remain continued and you stuck into disabling the autocomplete feature, then you can call on the Apple Safari customer service number listed in the over the web and ask the help of the skilled professionals for getting to know the step-wise process of disabling this feature in your Safari browser.


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