Removal of history of Private Data, Cookies and Cache in Google Chrome

Removal of  history of Private Data, Cookies and Cache in Google Chrome

These days, Data breaching is the most common issue faced by many big organization, small company and even on an individual level. Clean cookies and other private data from the browser history is one of the best ways to protect your email accounts, searches, and the downloading of the private data which are opened in the browser that other may also access.   As a precaution, always remember to clear browsing history in Google chrome after every session you have used the chrome browser.

Always remember the fact when less information is there, then there is a less chance of security breaching.

Nowadays, web-based email service is the most common way to share data over a secure network. These web services take the huge pain in maintaining the security of your accounts so that nobody can easily break into your account and read your personal mails, and even your browser takes different steps to prevent anyone sneaking into your inbox.

You might have noticed that while logging in to your account, the browser shows a pop-up message to remember the password, in case you select the option of remember then the browser will save your password. And, whenever you are about to login, there will be no need of password it will get ‘auto-logon.’ If you want to increase the security of your email account, then you have to make sure that the Google Chrome remembers nothing, for that you have to select the option of ‘never save password’ in the browser while accessing the Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or

Don’t forget to clear all the history of your private data, empty caches and delete cookies in the Google Chrome.

 Follow the simple steps to clear the browser history, cached data and cookies that are usually created after the use of any web-based email service in Google Chrome:

  1. First, open your browser, and then press the combination of these keys Ctrl-Shift-Del (Windows, Linux) or Command-Shift-Del (Mac) in Google Chrome.
  • You can even select the option of More Tools, followed by clearing browsing data, located in the Google Chrome (hamburger or wrench) menu.
  1. Always remember few points in your mind while using chrome:
  • Make sure you have cleared the download history
  • Clear the browsing history
  • Delete cookies
  • Empty the cache
  • Optionally clear the saved data and Clear saved passwords
  1. When you will select the option of clear history then under that you can even select the time from when you actually want to clear data. Last day generally works well.
  1. Now, click on the Clear Browsing Data option.

The use of Incognito window mode on your browser is the best way to access your Email More Securely in Chrome browser

If you want that Google Chrome should not save the history of your data from the very beginning of your working session and it automatically clears all the data, then in that condition, usage of an incognito browser is the safest and the most comfort way of surfing.

  1. When you will open the incognito window then the desired email service detail will not get saved in the browser.
  1. Once you are done, close all the tabs in the incognito window and you will notice that no cookies or data are saved in the browser history.

Read the above information clearly and implement them in your daily life so that your data remains more secure from the unauthorized access. After selecting the option of delete history in Google chrome, if you still have any query and want expert advice then you need not to worry. Simply contact the experts, and they will resolve all your queries. You can also visit contactforhelp and they will provide you the details of the certified technicians.



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